Reliable Umbraco 7.3.6 Hosting Recommendation | Best and Reliable hosting,  Umbraco 7.3.6 is a bug fix release on 7.3.0. Over 125,000 websites are built on the Umbraco CMS platform including hotels, magazines and publishers, corporations and enterprizes, consumer products, events, law firms, universities and community sites world-wide. Umbraco has been designed to make you as productive as possible.

What is Umbraco?

Umbraco is an open source web content management system that was originally developed by Niels Hartvig around 2003. It runs on Microsoft’s ASP.NET technology and uses a sql server database for storage. Umbraco is a completely free and open-source content management solution written in C#, Umbraco is a robust solution for your Web publishing needs. Umbraco can be deployed on Windows Server only, so Linux hosting provider doesn’t support this CMS.

Umbraco is different from other content management systems because it is allows for more customization. Umbraco gives you the best of both worlds: freedom and flexibility to choose how you want your website to look, without the hassle of actually creating the site yourself.

Issues & Tasks

  • U4-7546 – Cannot delete document type – fanoe starter kit Text Page
  • U4-7682 – Add option to DatabaseServerMessengerOptions to force a Cold Boot if there are too many instructions
  • U4-7781 – Setting a user’s start node causes YSOD
  • U4-7787 – Shorthand use of ? altTemplate = doesn’t work
  • U4-7792 – Upgrade ImageProcessor dependency to latest version
  • U4-7796 – Get UrlRewritingNet from the official NuGet location
  • U4-7807 – Domain, language, public access cache (GetAll) caches not working when there are no items
  • U4-7810 – DatabaseServerRegistrar should not execute as soon as a request is made, this slows down app start
  • U4-7811 – Content type repositories should use FullDataSetRepositoryCachePolicyFactory for performance
  • U4-7816 – The IsolatedCache instance in the RepositoryFactory differs from the ApplicationContext singleton instance
  • U4-7836 – YSOD when upgrading Umbraco with error during AddUserDataClaims
  • U4-7852 – SetInternalRedirectPublishedContent can be called with a null content item
  • U4-7853 – TemplateRepository does case sensitive matching on alias

Why choose Umbraco 7.3.6 Hosting for Your Site?

Easy-to-use interface
The platform prides itself on being extremely intuitive and fast, which makes it an appealing platform for non-developer, non-designer users. Translation: Less time learning the technology equals more time focusing on your business.

Easy to customize
Umbraco allows designers to build websites that are equal parts beautiful and customizable .

Good support system
Getting things fixed on your website is a lot easier thanks to Umbraco’s support tools. Users have access to a library of over 100 video tutorials as well as an umbraco wiki filled with step-by-step tutorials. ( If you’re willing to dish out some cash, Umbraco also offers a premium support service for around $ 4000 )

Reliable Umbraco 7.3.6 Hosting Recommendation

After reviewed over 30+ Windows hosting companies. In shared hosting, we found ASPHostPortal is the best solution for Umbraco 7.3.6 hosting .

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